Writer’s Platform
or lengthen your financial recovery timeline via a sustainable sales plan.
Not that a massive mailing list is unattainable, of course. The authors of Chicken Soup for the
Soul had 1.5 million subscribers as a result of their active platform building efforts).
With a longer-term approach, it’s important to realize the “time value of money”: money is
worth more now than in the future. Two approaches may help here:
Set the exact time by which you wish to recover your investment, and use all your
energy to meet that deadline;
Minimize your upfront investment (for example, by splitting payments to your
providers into monthly installments).
Long-term pricing online is a matter of split testing to see which price point works best with
your type of readership.
Low pricing may move lots of copies, but the book can be perceived as low value. Many
assume low-priced eBooks to be unfortunate self-publishing gaffes.
High pricing may also move lots of copies; but it may not be seen as credible. I’ve bought a few
highly priced eBooks from the Internet Gurus that contained little useful information; these
days I tend to stay away from expensive online products.
I strongly suggest picking an odd number ($0.99, $4.99, $23, $35, etc.); but beyond that, test
and see how it works.
Exercise 1: Play around with numbers and come up with your own goals. Write
them down in your notebook, where you can easily see them as you move
forward. Here’s what you’re striving to achieve:
Income goal;
Number of people you’ll need to buy your product;
The time limit by when these goals must be reached.
Exercise 2: Visualize your success. How does it feel to have a powerful platform
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