Writer’s Platform
Underhanded “Amazon bestseller” tactics, such as buying reviews, creating sock puppet
accounts to purchase your own books, etc.
This work will require commitment and discipline. This will also require a good effort on your
So how do you get committed to this project?
Committing to Success
The work laid out in this book will take up to several hours every day. Some days will have less
work; very few, like the days leading up to your launch, will demand more.
What can you cut out of your schedule?
Can you skip that favorite TV show?
Can your spouse take care of the kids
while you work on this project? Can
you wake up earlier for the next three
months? Can you ask your employer for
a sabbatical?
There are ways to find the time. I
recommend using the “rule of five
roles”, which states that a normal person can be proficient at five roles at any given time, and
not more. A “role” in this context is a major priority, such as being a wife or a business owner.
Trying to balance more than five roles leads to burnout, poor quality of output, depression,
and so on.
As an example, here are my five active roles as I write this text:
Father of three kids;
Employee, working a 12-hour day for a major corporation;
Fitness enthusiast.
This is a step-by-step
guide on creating
an amazing author
platform in 90 days. It
won’t be easy.
But it will work.”
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