Writer’s Platform
All my other possible roles, such as “active friend”, “attentive son”, “supportive brother”, etc.
are de-prioritized for the time being.
The question is, do you have that
burning desire
to develop a platform from which you can
launch your books and related products? Do you want your voice to be heard above the
thousands upon thousands of other writers?
If the answer is yes, then making the time is a matter of simple administrative decision. Make
this one of your five roles.
Clear your calendar and open this book. In three short months, you’ll have a platform from
which your words will be heard.
How to Use This eBook
I recommend you read it through so you understand the work needed to create your
As you read, please remember: this work will get you where you want to be. If you commit to
it for 90 days, you’ll see amazing results, and you’ll be glad you did it. Get your head in the
game. Hold nothing back.
I’ve created a bird’s-eye view of the 90-Day Calendar to assist your planning (helpfully titled
and located on
get yourself a notebook. We’ll move rapidly through many techniques, and it’s a
good idea to keep notes.
Alternatively, you can print this eBook out to highlight thoughts that jump out at you and to
make notes in the margins. Keep track of what strikes you as relevant to your project. There’s
nothing worse than having twelve great ideas while you’re reading the book—only to discover
after you turn the last page that you’ve forgotten them all.
Write your thoughts down. You’ll find some good concepts here, and you’ll have even more
valuable ideas of your own. Those ideas will make your platform distinct from everyone else’s
and, as you’re about to see, that’s half the battle.
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