Writer’s Platform
print out the calendar and post it somewhere prominent, where you’ll see it every day
and be motivated by it. Do you start writing first thing in the morning? Then stick it by the
bathroom mirror. Do you write after work? Stick it where you’ll see it when you walk in the
as a general philosophy for using this book, it’s not the gospel.
This book will give you a solid framework with practical strategies. However, it’ll work better
if you allow your own instincts to guide you. If you know a little something about search
engine optimization, or SEO, go beyond my recommendations. If you can get creative with
brand building, go for it.
Trust your instincts and go off book when it feels right.
P.S. Just remember that the voice in your head saying, “Take today off, have a beer, and
watch a few reruns of
isn’t your instincts. It’s procrastination, and it won’t help you
build anything but a beer gut.)
What You Need before You Begin
The final draft of the best book you can write
I assume you already
a book, since we’re here to build a platform so you can launch it.
I also assume your book is the strongest it can be. Fantastic books sell themselves through
word of mouth; no amount of clever advertising can make readers support a poorly written
We’re building a platform to spark that word of mouth.
If your book doesn’t live up to the hype you’re about to create, the whole exercise will be an
embarrassing flop. Too many writing careers were dead on arrival because books were rushed
to market.
Don’t rush. You’ll want to have the best possible product before beginning this journey. If
you don’t, then create one. No worries; this eBook will still be here when you get back, and
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