The Fall

Mr. Autumn grew sleepy, so he decided to undress in public, leaf by leaf.

“Let all my bling, the red, green and white jewels hanging from my many arms feast the eye in the fading sunlight,” he said to Mother Nature as she tucked him in under a blanket of warm winter snow.



Alan Barker.

Medusa Gorgon in Apollo Temple

The Lie

Jean and John stared at the stone carving of the Gorgon in the temple ruins.

“John, put your hand in its mouth.”


“If you’ve been unfaithful, it will bite you.”

“Look, nothing’s happened. It’s only a legend… Now you, Jean.”

Jean’s face convulsed in agony as the Gorgon’s teeth drew blood.



Alan Barker.

Men inthe woods-Flash-Story



“Oh no, Zac. Not a sound.”

“You panic too much, Tim!”

“But IT’s track stops right in front of us.”

“Calm down. Why would IT attack us?”

“Food, man.”

“Funny guy…What was that?”




Fill my tummy.

Crunch, munch,

That was good.

I think, I’ll find

Two guys for lunch.”


Alan Barker


Delighted house, mansion of the terror

The Watchers

Alone, Doug finished painting the top floor of a Victorian house.

“Home-time now ghosts, enjoyed your company to-night.”

The door to the wooden back stairs wouldn’t budge.

“The front door then. Thanks a lot, mates!”

Next morning he found the back stairs had collapsed that night.

“What if … but then I knew you were watching.”


Alan Barker


fantasy village house

Young at Heart

“Marry me, Jodie. Please decide now, ’cause my mum’s even bought us a cottage.”

“Yeeesss I will, Jon…. where is…?”

“Shut your eyes, and no peeping.”

Jon guided her through the shrubbery.


“It’s beautiful.”

Sat watching, Jon’s mum smiled.

“These six-year-olds, so grown up. Glad I bought them that Wendy house.”



Alan Barker.

Tent illuminated from the inside

Close Encounter

“No moon to-night,” said Tom.

“It’s creepy in the open,” whispered Joe, “but at least our tent will protect us.”

“Sshh, Joe, can you hear rustling out there?”

“A big cat?”

“No, Joe, human.”

They held their breath.

“Phew, Joe, that was too close.”

“Lads,” called their mum, “hunters need feeding. Supper-time.”


Alan Barker.

Gay male wedding rings

Better Late Than Never

“Paolo, where is Tim?” asked Zac, spooning up the froth from his latte in Roberto’s restaurant. “He said he’d give me a ring, but all I get is his voicemail.”

“Sorry I’m late, mate,” whispered Tim, kneeling beside him, “Open this small box and please let your answer be ‘Yes’.”


Alan Barker.