What if he was right? (‘Manna-X’ excerpt)

What if he was right?


“There is!”


“An afterlife! I must get back to tell!”


“Yes, I called emergency before I took the pills.”

“You didn’t read the box properly, or reckon on and those new roadworks, did you?”


“Don’t worry, stupidity is not part of the criteria for going up…”


Dani J Caile.


In the night

“What if someone was paying attention? What if someone heard? What if someone cares?” He peeped through the curtains to the empty street.

“What if you just shut up and come and help me with the body.”

“Right. What if…?”

“What if I put this crowbar over your fat head?”

“Okay, got it.”


Dani J Caile



It Doesn’t Matter

“Decide. Is this okay?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Like this?”

“No, not like that.”


“No, turn it around. Yes. No. Like that.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, that’s better. Err… no, no, it’s not.”

“So, it doesn’t matter?”

“No, no, it doesn’t matter.”

“Like this?”

“No, not like that! Oh, I’ll do it.”



Dani J Caile.


It’s a Mystery

The blonde or brunnette, I couldn’t decide.

The blonde evoked nights of lust and passion,

the brunnette the usual romantic, sweet night cuddled by the fire.

The blonde.

“Come, let’s roam the streets and scream the houses down.”

“Not likely. Me and Flo here are gonna go eat that fish supper in the kitchen bowl.”



Dani J Caile.


A True Teen Adventure

The sweat oozed through his vest, every step was agony.

Was it idiotic to brave the onslaught from this dragon in its foreboding lair?

Closer to his goal, with one last breath he was ready to suffer whatever backlash fate decreed. He pointed to them.

“A packet of three, please.”

“Ribbed or regular?”


Dani J Caile.


Not Me

The pints flowed that night in the pub, him and me drinking through his personal hell. His girlfriend was pregnant and he knew it wasn’t him. I backed him up all the way, I’d help him find the guy. I’d make sure he wouldn’t find out it was me.


Dani J Caile.