My Rival

“I’m going to screw you where you breathe, and laugh.”

He blinked slowly, a lizard in the autumn sun, “Because of that thing?”

I didn’t answer, just stood up and threw money on the table.

“Try not to steal the tip once. Control?”

I walked languidly. His wife was waiting for me at the hotel.


Doc Krinberg.


Dear Bridget

I adjusted the silk tie and then pulled my jacket on.


She was behind me on the bed watching my ‘man’ ritual; reaching my arms out to free cufflinks from the sleeves, rolling them between my fingers.


“Getting dressed?” I asked.


Bardot mouth, “No.”


I loosened my tie. Pout to smile.



Doc Krinberg.


Real Man

As her bra cups loosened, she smiled.

“I like how you just do that one handed.”

I smiled thru the kiss, glad she didnt feel the razor as it cut the strap. The rest, like the others, would be cake…



Doc Krinberg.