Shock Horror

Thank God It’s Only Fifty+ Words

“That’s what I’m saying: it’s too difficult! Nobody can do this without—“

“Oh my god—don’t say it!”

“I wasn’t going to! But I don’t know how you and I will crack this and still—“

“No, no! I can’t—I won’t—“ Sylvia looks up, points and panics.“Oh no! It’s too lat—“


Elizabeth John.


No Price Too High

She slammed the lid shut and then twisted the lock.

“What you gon’ do now?” he asked her.

“Save it for my grandbaby.” She caressed the lid, but her eyes were hard, her smile grim. “He gon’ ask me one day, what dat freedom cost. He gonna ask, and when he do, I’ll show him.”



Elizabeth John.

Dark Evil Man

The Evil Among Them

The news was tragic: the girl had killed herself.

They talked about it in the hallways, between classes.

“All because of those rumors,” some said.

“But if they weren’t true, then why?” others countered.

Amidst the gossip and speculation, he giggled. In his pocket, he stroked her locket.

They’ll never know. It’ll be our secret.


Elizabeth John.


A Faerie Tale

“Are you sure?”

She nodded. “This is where I belong.”

“So let it be.” He sprinkled the golden dust into the air; it fell on her softly, shimmering upon her skin. Her ears lengthened to a fine point; delicate wings sprouted behind her back. Her eyes sparkled with delight.

“Welcome. Now you’re one of us.”


Elizabeth John.


True Face

“Give it to me!” she hissed.

He trembled. “B-but, it’s for…for the…”

“Tooth Fairy?” Her eyes flashed in fury. “Who the hell do you think I am?”

His eyes widened in shock. “You?”

She bared her teeth, grotesque, jagged, misshapen. She snatched the tooth from his shaking fingers.

“No one ever said I was pretty.”


Elizabeth John.

Dead Man Smoking

Not Even Death

The hand he placed on her shoulder shimmered with an ethereal light, faint and pale.

She turned, startled. Her eyes widened when she saw him.

“You’re. . . you’re here?”

“You thought those pills would keep us apart?” He exposed his wrists, revealed the ugly wounds. “Oh, lover, don’t you see? Now we’ve got eternity.”

She screamed.


Elizabeth John.


The Surprise Waiting For Her

“. . . And by the way, I put a little something in your wine.”

In the candlelight, his eyes glinted darkly.

“I’m sorry . . . what?” Only moments before, he’d held me spellbound, enraptured.

He gave a grim smile; the wineglass shook in my hand. “Don’t worry, by tomorrow, you won’t remember a thing . . . if you survive the night.”


Elizabeth Michaud John.


The Games He Plays

“Little boy blue, let me blow your horn.” A wicked smiled slashed his face.

“But I don’t have a horn,” the boy in blue responded.

“Sure, you do. Let me show you.” His laugh was maniacal.

He showed the boy his horn. He showed him how to play.

Then he went on his evil way.


Elizabeth Michaud John.