Life to Dust

The bench was cold without Estee by my side. We’d watch the changing seasons and imagine growing old together. But, like the red and gold leaves falling at my feet, nothing is forever. What we imagine, and what is, are like falling leaves. They live, they die and then they crumble into nothing but dust.



Elyse Salpeter.

Vampire eyes


A man stood upon a hilltop, on a mound of black dirt,

Watching and waiting in anticipation.

A rock was flung away and a hand was pushing through, its digits moldy and torn with split skin.

His grin shown, incisors razor-sharp, fangs dripping with old blood,

Watching Cassidy’s birth.

Finally, a vamp of his own.


Elyse Salpeter



My Destiny

“Don’t be afraid,” my teacher whispered. I leaned over the open window. A breeze, scented by lilacs permeated the air, while in front of me was nothing but star sparkles.

“It’s time to take that step.”

My skin tingled. What I had trained for my whole life was here. Smiling, I jumped to my destiny.


Elyse Salpeter.


Image credit: Kelly Jastine Reese

Knife And Rope


“My love.” Tom gently stroked my hair, bringing tears to my eyes.

“Please let me go,” I begged.

Tom shook his head. “You’re where you need to be. With me.”

The knife shook in his hand.

I tried to free myself from the ropes, but couldn’t.

“Now we’ll be together forever.”

The knife came down.


Elyse Salpeter.


Roads to Travel

“Hey babe, the look you’re giving me is melting the icicles off the trebuchet. You think I can’t see you through your purple-tinted flight goggles, but I can.”

“Jules, you’re impossible. Just launch it already!”

“As you wish, my Emmeline. Now, let’s forget about the past and fly. We’ve got lots of road to travel.


Elyse Salpeter.