Falling Down

Sherbet leaves swayed with the potpourri breeze and one gently landed on my shoe. I picked it up and tore it.

“That was a silly thing to do, David.”

“Why, Tiffany?”

“It didn’t’ do anything to you.”

“Please, it’s just a crushed leaf now.”

“And, now, so are you.” Tiffany walked off, alone and smiling.



Eugene Chun.


The Fall Guy

“Love me, Tiffany?”


“Sometimes, David.”


“What kind of answer is that?”


“The kind you get.”




“Don’t take it personal.”


“How else am I supposed to take it?”


“However you want.” Brittle,dried, sherbet colored leaves fell past David’s head.


“I love you.”


“That’s nice, David. Let’s get our coats. It’s getting cold out here.”



Eugene Chun.


A Lesbian’s Fall

“If you can’t live for yourself, live for me! Fight for me!”


“That’s so selfish of you.”


“I know it! I love you and can’t let go.”


“You’re gonna have to try.”


“No! You’ll pull through!”


“I’m seeing snow, Julie. It’s autumn and I’m seeing leaves falling with snowflakes.”


“It’s not snow… No! No! No!”



Eugene Chun.


Tanks for the Memories

“…And what are you supposed to be this Halloween, little one?”


“I’m a soldier.”


“I see. And, where’s your gun?”


“Right here.”


“Oh my! That looks very dangerous and real.”


“That’s because it is, ma’am.”


“Oh! Now why are you carrying a real gun, tonight?”


“To shoot the man standing behind you with a knife.”



Eugene Chun.


A Smartass Thief

“Freeze, thief!”

“Hi.” Her face is contorted and abstract. My knees begin to wobble.

“I’ve phoned the police.They’ll be here any minute.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. How do you call yourself a man?”

“I don’t?”

“Was that a question or a declarative statement?”

“You’re the one with a gun, so it’s your call.”



Eugene Chun.


Off Balance

“Avoiding me?”

“I don’t like being a stalker.”

“I like that idea.”

“Do you want me to sexually harass you?”

“That’d be nice.” Her face smirked and my mouth contorted. “Wasn’t expecting that?”

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Good. You’re cuter when you’re off balance.”

“I hate you.”

“Good. Dinner at six?”

“Yea… I’ll be there.”



Eugene Chun.


Cowboys and Indians

“Want to play Cowboys and Indians?”

“Sure, Cowboy.”

“What’s this?!”

“An arrow in your chest.What’s it look lik—?”

“I was only kidding!”

“Funny, I wasn’t.”

“No shit?!” A man foams blood and falls to the ground.

“Sorry darlin’, I thought you’s a star Cowboy. Shouldn’t harass a lady without paying for it.”



Eugene Chun.



“You Sassy?”

“That’s my nam—”

“How much?”

“How much you want it for?”

“How’s this?!” A man pulls out a gun and points it at a woman.

“Aww, sugah. Ya know ya shouldn’t.”

“Climb in!”

“Okay.” A shot rings out and a pool of blood swirls on asphalt. “I told ya sugah, ya shouldn’t.”



Eugene Chun.


Foot In My Ribs

“How is it, so far?”


“I don’t trust you.”

“You shouldn’t, as I’m paying you.”

“That’s a bad way of putting it.”

“What other way should I put it in?”

“…how’s this?”

“–Hurts… foot’s in my ribs.”

“–Sorry I was trying to position my butt away from your hands.”



Eugene Chun.


The Deranged Dilettante (Weapon)

“…Being an artist is my weapon. My weapon against God. My weapon against life. My weapon against this world. I become immune when I’m acting. I’m defenseless when I’m really myself, but sometimes I really can’t tell the difference if I’m acting or not.”


Eugene Chun


The Deranged Dilettante (Universe)

“-We are reflections of the universe… not the other way around and we are at the mercy of her. And, how the universe behaves is how we behave…without rhyme…without reason…without purpose. We are random equivalents to the chaos of the celestial order and that order is a mask.”


Eugene Chun


The Deranged Dilettante (War)

“Life broke my innocence. I’ll vent everything in my head and wage war against this world.”

“That seems a little childish.”

“Does it? When your eyes are open you begin to see a lot of disgusting things and it mars everything you thought was beautiful…no? When your eyes are closed, you see nothing.”


Eugene Chun




The Deranged Dilettante (Animals)

“-We’re instruments of nature. We’re animals with shiny toys, but we’re animals nonetheless. I despise humans and anything that nature has created. I rely on my judgment, not the judgment of others and I see America and a lot of other nations as depraved, hedonistic, and mindlessly carefree. and they’ll pay for it.”


Eugene Chun


The Deranged Dilettante (Friends)

“People often mistake me for someone that isn’t able to make friends easily or can’t, but it’s not true. I have plenty of friends. They just tend to be hermits. Most people don’t interest me in terms of friendship. They think the same.  They act the same.  They’re Xerox copies of themselves and others.”


Eugene Chun


The Deranged Dilettante (Death)

“–and, that’s what life is about…not being forgotten. Because, when you’re forgotten, you’re dead and no one wants to be dead in the eyes of others or yourself. That’s worse than literal death… forgetting yourself and being forgotten. Well, I guess that’s all for now, I’ll catch you later champ.”


Eugene Chun


The Deranged Dilettante (Human)

“If I didn’t take things personally, I wouldn’t be human. I always take things personally. I feel better about myself when I do. It makes sure I’m human. That, I’m living in the here and now, and in motion… fluid motion that is.”


Eugene Chun


The Laughing Boy

“I am possessed by her sublime laughing fits and I laugh in return. I die of convulsive laughter. I live through convulsive laughter. I attain her through laughter. I am someone else when I am laughing. I am her when I laugh. I am not myself when I do not laugh. I am some other.”


Eugene Chun

Not Having Fun-Flash-Story

The Deranged Dilettante (Funny)

“Life’s a funny thing because life is never funny. We only make it funny, so we can cope with our problems and that’s what’s funny about life… the coping bit… the struggling bit. If we can find humor in our own idiocy and the situations we put ourselves into, we can find humor in anything.”


Eugene Chun


The Deranged Dilettante (Art)

“Life didn’t pass me by. I passed life by. I saw it for what it was-something crude, misshapen, and ugly. The more experience one accumulates of life, the more one is repelled by it.”

“Wow…that is profound.”

“Why are you talking to me?”



“I have nothing better to do.”


Eugene Chun


Cure for Insomnia (Life)

“Life is short, Harold. Enjoy it.”

” -It’s not that life is short… it’s just that it takes so long when the guy in front of you can’t decide whether or not he wants fries and a drink with his order. And then, that’s when you want to shorten his life for shortening yours.”



Eugene Chun