Single grave

Autumn’s Spirit

She drifted, like fallen leaves, through walls and doors… propelled as if by magic, drawn to a winter field. Feeling no wind, no cold, but part of the wind. On and on she went, on over fields, trees. Suddenly she was pulled down abruptly, shockingly! She hovered, helpless, over an open, yawning grave… “It’s mine!!”



Kerry Hall.

Ramses II

Fall of Ramses

In the 50th year of our Lord Ramses, a great calamity fell. I, Seth, was chosen to tell the tale. Ramses was ill, dying. Our crops withered, our children dying. The plague came to blight my Lord’s empire in early autumn. A great cry came from our wives throats! Oh Ramses, save us! Too late…



Kerry Hall.


In Autumn Descendance

On a blustery, windy, autumn day, she descended from sleep. She awoke, walking in her neighborhood park, and wondered how she had gotten there. The night had passed, as always, with the usual arguments. Of money, sex, and … sheer sadness. She sat on the cold park bench, defeated, lost. Where now? Where can she go?



Kerry Hall.


The Mirror Knows

Diandras brow crinkled and her mouth slanted downwards as she gazed at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She turned her face side to side, and stuck her tongue out at herself. “Oh my Gawd!” she cried to herself. “Oh my Gawd! Diandras baby, you are freakin OLD!” She said, out loud. “I’ll need SPACKLE!”



Kerry Hall.

Closeup photo of a terrified girl

Judge and Jury

She watched, horrified, from the jury box, as the Prosecuter ran the blood curdling film… her eyes so big, uncomprehending, and mouth distorted. She had been tied in an unnatural position, and those eyes! Those staring eyes, and gaping mouth! Alice gasped and ran from the jury box… she knew her! It was she, herself!



Kerry Hall.



What’s that sound?! Staccato? Vibrato?

Alan’s hands shook and it split his night. A thrum, thrum, thrumming. A drum, drum, drumming…

Stirring him from warmth and comfort, it calls to him. “Pick up your sticks! Pick up your sticks! ” it crys.

“I can’t!”‘ Alan shouts, ” I can’t! My hands, my hands won’t work!” All fading…


Kerry Hall.



I know what I saw. Our King on mountain high. Watching, waiting for a sign from God. This waiting was told by shamans that it would occur in Kings day of days. What was it?! King shook his stick, shouting! Why was King pacing? I am afraid! I know what I saw. Riding hard into our land.


Ms. Kerry Hall



I am happy today.


Sun… glows brightly up high. Hot sky is good. I toil with many in dark soil for happy Pharaoh, I know many suns. That was a long string of days… can’t fathom, my brow furrows as I try. Pharaoh knows all and is God to us. Only Pharaoh can stop Sun.


Ms. Kerry Hall