Buried Secrets

She walked through the trees, pushing the leaves with the toes of her new boots. The sound reminded her of his hand sliding along the sheet when he swept the bedding to the floor. What a mad weekend that had been. Their last weekend together. His last weekend, period.

She knelt to bury the knife.



Laura Rittenhouse.



His confidence was unshakable. The DNA sequence was so simple that nothing could go wrong. There was no reason to tell anyone, to warn them.

Then his assistant made a careless mistake. He began to wonder, what if it isn’t that simple? Still, it was better to keep it a secret.

And then it hatched.


Laura Rittenhouse.



“There’s no point arguing, she’s the Queen and what she says goes.”

“Even when what she says is crazy? I don’t mind working my wings off for her and her thousands of babies but this insanity has to stop.”

“Trust me, if she says wingless monsters stole the honey, it’s just easier to collect more.”



Laura Rittenhouse.