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December 2012 Winners

Thanks to all who dropped me a quick note asking where the heck was I. Your questions made me realize that the contest is starting to get some traction.

I apologize for missing a month. I simply had a good old overload, and dropped a few balls. Trying to do too much too fast!


I loved the December entries, didn’t you? Here are some that believe deserve to be short-listed for the award – the Greatest Seven of December:

1. Scattering Mum by Sandra-Jane Goddard.

2. End of the Line by O.D. Trebor.

3. Moving on by Thomas Giles.

4. Some Secrets are Better Left, well, Secret by Michael Coady.

5. No Price Too High by Elizabeth John.

6. A Journey of Secret Discoveries by Linda Goldman Foley.

7. My Sister Jenny by Salvatore Buttaci.

As always, I wish I could award more, and I’m sure I’ve missed very deserving stories. However, this site isn’t perfect, and an element of subjectivity in my assessments will always remain.

The winners, in my view, are:

1st prize ($55): End of the Line by O.D. Trebor. This chilling story has thoroughly fascinated me.

2nd prize ($30): My Sister Jenny by Salvatore Buttaci. The humanity in this story has affected me deeply.

2nd prize ($30): Scattering Mum by Sandra-Jane Goddard. The conflict, the emotion in this complex story is brilliant.

Congratulations! Next up: the January winnings and the February prompt.

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    Well done, guys

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    Good stuff. Keep up the good work …

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    Well done guys

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    Nice work. Keep going.

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    yeah…you did it…great.

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    Congratulations to first- and third-place winners!

    Salvatore Buttaci

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    BRAVO to all the nominees and WTG for the winners. Every writer is a winner in my book. Thanks again.

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    Great stuff! Keep it coming!