Diver with Aurora

February 2013 Flash Contest Winner

Million thanks to all the authors for the beautiful stories you guys wrote — and for your patience as some had to wait a while for me to post them. Been one heck of a month.

Now to business :)

I have this short-list of seven stories this month.

1. Jump Through by Alissa Vaughan. Such a nice, assertive, optimistic story.

2. Come Dance with Me by Deborah Lean. A touching and emotional piece of fiction.

3. Close Encounter by Alan Barker. I laughed out loud reading it; a small world skillfully created via dialogue.

4. The Ruins by O.D. Trebor. It shows how few words we need to create genuine tension.

5. A Youthful Adventure by Daron Henson. Love the energy coming from this story.

6. Midnight Explorers by R.J. Saxon. The feeling of childhood perfectly captured, in my opinion.

7. The Plunge by A. Partridge. I believe it wonderfully captures the relationships in the couple, and the excitement of the jump.

And the winner this month is…

Close Encounter by Alan Barker, taking home the first prize of $55.

It’s a complete story with tension, nice setup, excellent dialogue and a resolution.

The two runner-up prizes of $33 each go to:

Midnight Explorers by R.J. Saxon.

Come Dance with Me by Deborah Lean.

As always, will send the winnings via Paypal after confirming the correct emails.

This month, I suggest we do something different. Instead of simple thematic prompt, let’s try a more complex approach that, I hope, would stimulate your imagination in a new way.

The March Prompt:

Please write a story of 55 words or less which meets all these 3 criteria:

1. Has a mystery.

2. Has a romantic relationship.

3. Mentions the word “decide”.

Have fun! :)


  • http://danijcaile.blogspot.hu/ Dani J

    Suggestion: Scrap the ‘thumbs down’, it’s starting to look like a warzone out there…

    • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

      Good suggestion, Dani. I’ve no clue how to do it: I’m using a standard plugin. I just spent 30 mins tinkering with it instead of doing something useful with my life :). Result? No change.

      The ratings play no role in the winner selection. They power the “best of” widgets on the right. That’s all. If I remove them, it means more manual work for me.

      It does shake my faith in humanity though that wonderful stories like “Young at Heart” go below zero.

      However, there’s enough nice folks out there who keep things in perspective. I choose to believe this site is for them.

      • http://danijcaile.blogspot.hu/ Dani J

        …nice folk that give stories a -5 total…how d’ya think the writer feels?
        Isn’t there some other way people can show their appreciation? Is there another widget you can use instead, to bring ‘the best’ out of people?

        • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

          I’ll see what I can do. This might mean a pretty significant redesign behind the scenes.

          I’m just sad that this sort of nonsense is happening.

          Meanwhile, if you have any recommendations on a better system, I’m listening :)

  • http://firsttimewriter12.blogspot.com/ Alissa Vaughan

    I never “vote down” a story. I might not “rate up” a story I find weak or not my style, but voting down it not helpful at all. I consider it a little rude, myself.

    Great job on the stories everyone. Austin you sure have your work cut out for you picking a winner each month! So many awesome stories to chose from.