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January 2013 Winners

The January was a short month, because of me. Although I missed the time and didn’t announce any particular topics, great entries kept coming in.

Because there hadn’t been many stories posted, I suggest we do away with the short list and go straight to the winners.

1st Place ($55): A Breathing Secret by Raani York. I loved the completeness of this very emotional, deep story. The conflict, although subdued, is masterfully done.

2nd Place ($30): Tastes like Oak by Robert P. Wills. Brilliant, isn’t it? I fell in love with this cool piece.

2nd Place (#30): Leftovers by Eugene Chun. This is such a bizarre, dystopian story that I can’t get over. Wonderfully done.

To be honest, this was a tough one, having to select three from so few strong stories. I know that on top of brilliant writing, some folks like  really drove exposure to this contest, for which I’m deeply grateful. Please write again, who knows, you may win next month!

As always, I’ll contact the winners by email and will wire them the money via Paypal.


Now, on to the next month!

In February, let’s write about adventure. I love this picture of a Russian diver beneath the ice, with aurora raging above him. I hope this image captures the spirit of adventure, exploration and beauty that the February stories should be about!



Diver with Aurora

Write a complete story in 55 words about any adventure – doesn’t have to be about diving in the dark northern sea! Don’t forget about the contest’s criteria found here.

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    aww…yea!…my main man is about ta get paid!