An Eccentric Woman

July 2011 Flash Story Contest Winners

I’d like to announce the winners of the July Flash Story contest. The prompt was “An Eccentric Woman” (pictured here on the right).

Normally, there should be only one winner. However, because July was the contest’s first month, and because I really loved these stories, I decided to announce 3 winners today.

So, here we go:

# 1: Overall Winner is Wanda Mcdonald with “What We Don’t Know, She Will”.


# 2: Best Imagery Winner is Lane Diamond with “Sipping”.


# 3: Strongest Emotion is Yasleh with “Frozen”.


The prize for the Overall Winner is the pre-announced $55; the other two winning prizes are $30 each.

I’ll contact the winners by email to arrange the Paypal payment to them.

I really enjoyed all the stories. This isn’t an empty statement. As you see, it has taken me 5 days of agony to select the winners. Many thanks to all, and let’s begin our August contest!


The prompt for August is:

A Praying Man

A Praying Man