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June 2013 Contest Winners

Sorry for my radio silence. I believe I’ve gone off everyone’s radar screen around end-June.


I’m now resurfacing to continue the contest due to many very nice notes and requests I’ve received over the last few months. To be honest, while I was running it, I didn’t realise that so many people appreciated it and used it as an inspiration for their writing muse.


Well, I’m back, and will try to sustain the pace until the next summer break.

What do I have to say for my radio silence of 3 months—why was I gone?

  • Written a 146,000-word novel, and now it’s ready to print. Will reveal cover s0on. Because I’m so obsessive, the novel is going through its fourth line edit and proof-read. 
  • Launched 2 series for children with 3 illustrated books already published and 6 more in the works (will have more). These are in English, German, Spanish and Japanese—I’m authoring them as Max Candee.
  • Drafted 2 other novels, which I’ll launch soon.
  • Launched one short non-fiction book.


By the way, I’ve also launched the showcase for the books by the Authors of this contest (it still needs work—I need high-quality covers from you guys! :)


So net, I wasn’t really smoking shisha after work …


Now, one thing I left hanging during my disappearance was the prizes for the June entries. Here they are:


June 2013 Winners


1. The best story, in my humble opinion, that also follows the prompt: “It’s in the Eyes” by Deborah Lean—and it wins the $55 prize. There were quite a few other powerful contenders, but in the end I’m going with Deborah story due to its tension, energy, and wonderful response to the prompt.


2. The most shared story ($33) — without a doubt, it’s “Arena” by Salvatore Buttaci.


3. And the most helpful commender is, once again, Paolo Jose Cruz, in my opinion, for the amount and quality of his comments and suggestions.


I’ll contact the winners by email, of course.


The October 2013 Prompt:

Write a brilliant 55-word story mentioning something about autumn.

Make sure you meet the contest rules found here.

Have fun!





  • r.j.saxon

    Nice to hear you are back, Austin. R.j. :)

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    Welcome back, Austin. I’m happy that in your absence you were prolific enough to complete several writing projects. Kudos to you!

  • Kerry Hall

    Hello Austin! So glad to have you back! I missed the contest greatly, and the wonderful stories! I’m flexing my wings, 99 fiction is a new site, very good for my stretching comfort zones..happy Writing, Austin!

  • Deborah

    Hey Austin, so glad you’re back, I missed the monthly challenge, it’s the only place I write so clearly and with so few words. Thank you for naming me the winner for the June prompt. Now, as to autumn, the wheels are turning.
    Congratulations on all your accomplishments.