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Kindle and Kindle Touch Giveaway :)

Hi all, following the success of the July / August Kindle Giveaway, I’m opening a new one. Once again, you can win a shiny new Kindle here on this site!

There are only 3 simple rules:

  1. Purchase “Five Dances with Death” at any online retailer and post a thoughtful review of it there before end November, 2011.
  2. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Let me know using the form below that you’re done!

That’s it – easy.

On December 1, I’ll run a random selection using, and will announce the winner soon after. I always deliver, as Kate saw when she won a Kindle here this August.

  • José Carrilho

    I may get one of those, but only when Amazon sets the same price for Europe as for the USA, having the currency rates in consideration.
    Lets hope that more people start reading books. However I do hope that people keep buying the paper versions too.

    Best regards,


    • Austin Briggs

      Hi José, I understand your sentiment! This may never happen, though, with the taxes and all. 

      I’m also in Europe – in Geneva – and even with the higher hardware price it’s still a good deal, if you consider the cheaper price of Kindle books. I do believe Kindles make more folks read, from what I see around me. And that’s a good thing :)

  • Guest

    Wait, so who won?

    • Austin Briggs

      Hold on… will post the winner(s) this weekend. Just back from Mexico again, thus the delay… 

  • Austin Briggs

    And the winners are, according to … Ta-da … 

    Kindle Touch: Ella.

    Kindle: B. Siemens. 

    I’ll contact the winners by email to arrange delivery of the prizes.