No Letter E

May 2013 Winners

Hi all. I’m back from my almost 2 months of absence, for which I apologize. End of fiscal year in my day job wasn’t a walk in the park this time; I can’t quite remember going through so much travel and intense work in my whole career. All the while prepping 5 books for publication in July, for laughing out loud. Talk about stressing myself, huh.

Anyway, let’s catch up.

First, I’d love to announce, belatedly, the May winners of the contest. It was a tough prompt — write a story with no “E”, and many writers have managed it admirably. It was, admittedly, one of my favorite months in the whole history of our contest.

Here are the 3 top prizes:

FIRST PRIZE ($55) for the best story:

Block by Mark Brown. Maybe I have a soft spot for the inner struggle . . . But I thought this was one of the stronger stories back in May.

SECOND PRIZE ($33) for the most shared story:

Bringing it Down by Salvatore Buttaci. Not only was it the most shared story in May across all channels, it’s also a GOOD story on its own.

THIRD PRIZE ($33) for the best commenter:

Paolo Jose Cruz for his insightful, supportive comments on many stories.

So there we go… next up in a couple of days—the June contest winners. To be honest, I’m thinking to suspend the contest for the rest of the summer. Will think more about this before the next post…


  • Paolo Jose Cruz

    Wow! It’s so gratifying to be rewarded for something I enjoy doing. Sharing feedback is second nature to me.

    As for the contest going on hiatus, I trust you’ll make the best judgement. If a temporary break means a little more time to get your own work done — and to keep the competition financially viable — then do what you have to do.

    And needless to say, your own well-being has to come first, before anything else. Without you, Austin, none of this would have been possible.

    I’ve really enjoyed the level of enthusiastic participation in the last few months, and i’ll miss having a forum for 55-word fiction, specifically. But if it’s just a temporary break, I can certainly understand why that might be necessary.

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    Austin, how about at least a July prompt and do as the Europeans do: take August off!

  • Mark Brown

    Thanks Austin. It’s a huge privilege to know you chose my story ahead of so many strong entries. It really was a brilliant theme in May although next time I will have to try writing unaided by my friend the rum bottle!

  • Kerry Hall

    It’s a shame if you do, it’s been very rewarding! Hope you reconsider but also understand the need to work on your own projects..looking forward to seeing who wins Junes contest..some fabulous stories there, including my own!! Lol and God Bless, Austin ..thank you!

  • Laura

    I see you’re back to blogging. Does this mean we’ll get a 55 word post soon? I hope so. I took a bit of a break myself for a while and now I’m ready to be inspired!

    • Austin Briggs

      Hi Laura,

      Absolutely! :) Finally, the new contest is up.