Would you Like a Kindle?

Call me cautious, or silly, but I went against the wisdom of the great ones and launched my first book in August.

I know this is one of the slowest months. I know my “hot new releases” listing on Amazon will fall on empty beach beds. I know lots of folks held back releasing their masterpieces till October.

Anyway, here are some brief facts that may be of interest:

  1. The book is available on KindleiBookStoreSmashWordsB&N, and GoodReads. It’s coming to the Sony Reader and Diesel Books after a while. I know folks are buying on Amazon, since I’m seeing wild sales rank fluctuations daily.
  2. The launch price is $0.99, which will stay put for a few months. I may increase it later. I’m not making much at this price, but I want to wow my readers with great introductory value.
  3. I’m running a contest: if you read the book and post a meaningful review at Amazon, iBookStore or B&N by Aug 31, you’ll enter a draw to win afree Kindle or cash equivalent.

At the time of this writing, I’m dancing around the first 5-star reviews on Amazon, some of which are for the review copy, and others are unsolicited. I really hope the book finds its target audience.

Don’t buy it blindly, though. Look inside!

Please five it a try, enter the Kindle draw contest, and enjoy the book!

Let me know what you think. I’m launching myself into writing Dance Two of the series, and will take your input close to my heart.

  • http://twitter.com/van_wu Vanessa Wu

    The book looks really good. I love the way the pages rustle when you look inside! I had no idea August was a bad month in which to launch a book. Thanks for the advice!