November 2012 Winners


Every month, I promise myself to resist listing all the stories I “especially” liked :)

This month I’m not going to keep this promise, again. I’ve loved so many that I just can’t resist mentioning the ones I’ve short-listed for victory.

Recall, November was all about Fantasy, any fantasy at all.

Here goes the short list:

1. The Emperor of Time by R.J. Saxon.

2. Changing Magic by Carole Fowkes.

3. Trouble with the Imps by Michael Coady.

4. The Gilded Cage by Betsy A. Riley.

5. True Face by Elizabeth John.

6. The Sylph by Michael Coady.

7. The Choice by Yvonne Hertzberger.

8. Often Passed but Never Ventured by Morgen Bailey.

9. Icy Misadventure by Richard Lawrence.

10. Caged Fantasy by Deborah Lean.

11. The Gatekeeper by John Moon.

12. Behind the Eyes by Thomas Giles.

I’ve limited my list to a dozen, but of course I’ve carefully considered each story, rereading them over and over again.

Please don’t be sad if your story didn’t make it to the 12 above… each month, the competition seems to get tougher as the quality of the stories goes up. It breaks my heart not to award some powerful stories you folks sent.

Anyway, time for the drum roll.

I can afford a few more prizes this month, so I’m awarding 3 stories that are, in my mind, exceptional:

1st Prize ($55): The Choice by Yvonne Hertzberger.

2nd Prize ($30): True Face by Elizabeth John.

3rd Prize ($30): The Sylph by Michael Coady.

Congratulations to the winners! As always, I’ll contact you guys by email and will send your winnings via PayPal.

My hat is off before the other wonderful stories posted in November.

I love them all. I wish I can award them all, too! :)

Now, on to December.

Let’s switch gears this month into something completely different.

The Secret

Write a 55-word story based on a secret of your choice.

  • Michael Coady

    Cool, thanks Austin. I really enjoy these exercises.

  • Michael Coady

    I thought for sure there would be a Christmas theme for December. Bummer :-(

    • Austin Briggs

      Haha, I thought about that, but it was, somehow, too … expected. Everyone would be doing Christmas stuff, so I decided to stay away…

      Next year we can do Christmas :)

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