Child Within

September Flash Fiction Winners

Hi all, it’s time to announce our September winners. What a month is was, with many high quality entries.

As I announced earlier, the judge this month was Emily Suess from Suess’s Pieces. You want to check her site out. I love the sarcastic humor in her posts, she runs interesting writing contests, and dishes out tons of useful advice.

The September prompt was “A Child Within“, and here are our winners. Congratulations!

# 1: Overall Winner is Mark Brown with his powerful story Teacher’s Pet.



# 2: Strongest Emotion is Antonio Angelo with his fantastic last-minute entry There’s no Child Within Danny Taylor.



# 3: Best Imagery is Christopher Bunn with his superb Some Assembly Required.


Judging the entries of such quality is heart-breaking. I’m infinitely grateful to Emily that she took over this month.

I’ll contact each winner by email to wire the winnings: $55 for the first prize and $30 each for prizes # 2 and 3.

I’m truly, truly grateful to all authors and readers who stopped by to vote. Many thanks to all, and let’s begin our October contest!

The prompt for October is:

What Happens on the Road

Happy flash-writing!


  • Emily Suess

    Thanks so much for inviting me to judge this month’s Flash Fiction Contest & congrats to the winners!

  • Mark Brown

    Wow!    There were so many good stories this month, I am thrilled and humbled you chose ‘Teacher’s Pet’ as the winner.

    Thank you both! (Emily- please come back and judge next month too!)

    • Austin Briggs

      Hi Mark, congratulations! Just emailed you so I can send you the prize money :)

  • Roy Station

    Well done on the win, it was a great competition.