Under the Limitless Sky Cover

Here’s the new cover dilemma for the new novel I’m launching very soon. It’s an erotic romance with elements of thriller … It’s also quite explicit, so not for the faint of heart. It’s a large, involved novel of around 550 pages that explores love, friendship, trust and lust.


Which cover would you choose and why?









Here’s the draft blurb, if you’re interested:


“And don’t lie, old friend. You saw what happened to that fool who lied to me.”


Rita sees Misha as an adulterer. It is of no consequence to her that his wife, Sayuri, has given him a month’s break from their marriage, to explore his sexual wants and desires.


Tied to a chair in his own living room, he is forced to recount his tale of self-discovery, a journey which takes him from his family home to a cheap and lonely hotel room, and on to Mexico City, finding solace in the arms of a young stripper, Alaska. As Misha tells Rita his story, he comes to realize that his self-awakening may not have been all it was intended to be, and could, in fact, be his downfall.


Because when Misha’s wife joins his captor to hear how he has fallen in love with Alaska, she is the only thing standing between him and Rita’s belief that adulterers ought to be stoned to death…

Please let me know in your comments :)

  • Bill

    I like C very classic & sexy….good luck.

    • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

      Thanks, Bill. I’m wondering if C would attract mostly male readers and B would appeal to mostly females … Maybe I’m wrong.

      • Ross C.

        That is exactly what I thought Austin. Depends on your target audience.

  • Dennis W. Headrick

    It sounds like he is the central character… I say “B”.

    • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

      Thanks, Dennis – this makes sense to me.

  • O.D. Trebor

    I say B, since the majority of erotic fiction readers are women.

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    I would say Cover A. It’s got that “step-right-this-way” look. An invitation on two levels: one from the girl at the curtain and the other from the authors to step up and read the book.

  • dgt

    I am an avid reader — Without reading any description prior to picking covers…I would take B off the shelf first — (but I am female) =) I would take C next, but I think C looks ‘cartoonish’…just my opinion

  • r.j.saxon

    I’d say B, I think it would attract both men and women. :) R.j.

  • Jacci

    B is the most visually interesting.

  • Diana Feltner

    I like B. For the same reasons R.j. gave. Also, on a more personal note, I would look right past A and C, assuming it was just another erotic book written mostly for men with the same tired female stereotypes. B would get me to turn the book over and read the back cover.

  • Rebecca Barray

    B. 😉

  • Deborah Lean

    i’m afraid I’m in the minority, I really didn’t like B. It seemed garish, more horror than erotic. Artistically it had no appeal, especially the writing on the body. Liked A, very suggestive and the complementary colours makes the wording pop out. But my favourite was C. I thought the sky should be in there somewhere, as its imagery supports the title.. The figure is like a horizon line. There is a balance between the figure at the bottom and the author names on the top. Again, good colour choice for the title. The figure is sexy, very attractive, and anonymous as her face doesn’t show. Since the story is about him, maybe a shadow in the background, but I like it as is.

  • Natasha

    Honestly, I have seen different variations of B too many times. I usually just skip right by those. And A seems very ‘cartoonish’. I like B because it seems more personalized with the story. It’s the only one that incorporates the sky into it. I would definitely grab C off the shelf first.

  • Katherine Elisabeth Danbert

    Cover C, but it may appeal to women a little more. Cover A is too tacky, bad graphics, and Cover 2 is too ghoulish, the colour is bad, and it reminds one of zombies, not sensual at all.