Love Has no Limits

“Love has no Limits” is a wonderful story, and I was sorry it ended so fast. I’ve signed up to read all of Vanessa’s books.

Here are the things I particularly liked.

1. Elegance. In this age of self-edited, awkwardly worded novels, “No Limits” delighted me with simple, precise expressions that took me straight to the point. “Elegant” is the only way I can describe it. No unnecessary fluff. I was brought into the world of a young woman who explores her sexuality with engaging openness.

2. Sophistication. This is a clever book. Through several well-chosen encounters, I was allowed to gain insight into female sexuality that was, in my advanced age of late thirties, quite new to me. The action is fluid, absolutely explicit, and presented in the most intelligent way. I dare anyone to write a violent sex scene that’s both exciting, terrifying, thought-provoking – and a pleasure to read. The soft humor added to my reading enjoyment immensely.

3. Vulnerability. I was initially dazzled by the protagonist’s exploits, but soon realized how vulnerable she was. The book didn’t seem to me about sex per se (although you get a lot of wonderfully presented, mostly explicit, and sometimes a little dreamy sex), it’s about self-discovery and exploration. And that’s what really gripped me, and what left such a profound impression on me.

I usually put at least one area where I believe the book could improve. In the case of “No Limits”… I just want more of it. The story feels very complete, so I’m not sure there will ever be a sequel; but I want another encounter with that young woman with her courage, her fears, and her intelligent, understated narrative.

Vanessa Wu has just become one of my favorite authors.

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    Vanessa Wu is my online friend and fellow writer, and I am glad seeing her name here. It’s an honour to be mentioned here, on Austin Briggs’ web-pages.