Hanzel and Gretyl A Boomer Fairy Tale

In this hilarious fractured fairy tale Boomers Hanzel and Gretyl have survived their childhood ordeal only to discover they are grown-old pensioners in suburbia, facing evil family, frightening shopping malls, and a Hannibal Lector wannabe. But now Hanzel has more than breadcrumbs, he has the Apple Online Store, and always-optimistic Gretyl.

Deranged Seating

Deranged Seating

James is a young society page reporter who imagines himself a Mickey Spillane-type private detective. A routine assignment leads him to the dame of his dreams, a dollface who personifies the color red. But also to a dangerous showdown with shape-shifting alien killer chairs.

Forgove Me Alex!

Forgive Me, Alex!

Two men are inexorably linked in the wake of devastation—two personalities, two attitudes, two goals, two methods, one darkness. One is driven to evil, to seek a world where unfathomable misery and unbearable pain are the rules of the realm, where the look of death is upon all who practice the wicked craft, and it is a joyful grin, indeed. The other is driven to a gray path where he seeks merely to destroy such incomprehensible evil, to do what the law is not always able to do—to remove from the world the men who become monsters.

Tales from a Second

Tales From a Second Hand Wand Shoppe – Book 1: They Were The Best of Gnomes, They Were The Worst of Gnomes

Two Gnomes try to corner the used

wand market with the help of a talking rat and a neurotic jousting dummy.

Things get complicated. And that’s before the Halflings start to invade!

A Handful of Blossoms

A Handful of Blossoms

A German princess’ journal. Set in Europe, in 1764, the story is about a young bride and her weird marriage. Author studies the interesting case when a gay man is enforced to get married to a female (dynastic marriage) and what comes of the unnatural act.


Lyrically Lost In Love: An Original Collection of Poetry

Life is an amazing gift. We are all faced with many challenges throughout our lives and in the midst of them all, is love. Love is a lifelong journey.