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What I really liked: this book is a straightforward game plan to build an online presence that serves “the brand” you create … If you are willing to spend a few hours a day at your computer, building the on line platform of your dreams, read this book. M. Knapp, Amazon reviewer.


Austin Briggs refreshingly delivers upon this promise in a concise, unhindered presentation without any annoying fluff or blustering boasting regrettably too common among many authors trying to sell their how-to book of the day.

I am C, Not X, Amazon reviewer


To be truthful, I have skimmed many books on “how to publish and market new books” and most of them were a waste of time, repeating the same old information. So, I didn’t expect much from this book, but was very surprised! This book is wonderful!

bkmcavoy, Amazon reviewer.


The thing that struck me almost immediately when reading this book was that the systematic approach set out in it was equally applicable no matter what your product was. … You could use Austin Briggs’ methods for setting up a website and creating an online presence for almost anything you wanted to sell.

Davros-10, Amazon reviewer.


A wonderful, concise piece that works to educate a writer or potential writer in the fine art of building a successful platform using online media to boost the reach and success of a book. I was pleased to find that for a non-fiction work such as this, it did have humor and straight-talk that meshed extremely well. I did feel as if the author was talking to me when I read this in one sitting, a definite plus.

Wofljack, Amazon reviewer.


Five Dances with Death: Dance One

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Five Dances with Death Dance One-3D2An Aztec Historical Fantasy Novel


Don’t pass this book if you love Historical Fantasy grounded both in facts . . . and in magic.


Step right into the world of the ancient Mexico. The violence of war and the thrill of dangerous sports. The human drama of conquest and defeat. The terror of the human sacrifice and the struggle for love.


In the final days before the Conquistadors, Xicotencatl (Angry Wasp) fights to keep his family and his small Aztec nation alive.Slavers have kidnapped his daughter. His wife has turned to powerful sorcery. His people have challenged Montezuma’s dominance and now face extinction. And the Spaniards have begun their invasion inland.


Wasp must rely on his military skill, courage and even deadly magic to win back his family and protect the freedom of his nation, as he joins the desperate fight that will forever change the fate of the Aztec people.


[This] is a rare and compelling tale . . . brilliantly researched, and a page-turner as good as any. Austin Briggs has proved himself to be a worthy master of the writer’s craft. I recommend this book highly, and regard it as a great achievement of historical fiction.

Tahir Shah, explorer, documentary filmmaker and author of 15 books. 

In the days before the Conquistadors, Xicotencatl (Angry Wasp) is fighting to keep his family and his small Aztec nation alive.

Slavers have kidnapped his daughter. His wife has turned to powerful sorcery. His people have challenged Montezuma’s dominance and now face extinction. And the Spaniards have begun their march inland.

Now Wasp must rely on his military prowess, wit and even dark magic to regain his family and protect the independence of his nation, as he joins the desperate fight that will forever change the fate of the Aztec people.

An amazing story of a leader who faces incredible trials while trying to keep his people safe.

Reader Views: “Reviews by readers, for readers”

A unique novel that really blew me away.

SomeCallmeTim, Amazon Reviewer. 

Masterful and evocative.

B. Siemens, Amazon Reviewer. 


Swallowing chapter after the chapter, unable to stop. Usually no one would catch me awake in the middle of the night, but this book did!

Zoe Saadia, author of The Cahokian.


From the start, Dance One grabbed me in a way that few books can, filling my mind with Briggs’ exquisite details…  Five Dances with Death: Dance One is a masterpiece, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Earl S. Wynn,  author of Pink Carbide.


I ended up quite enthralled with it.

T. L. Morganfield, author of “The Jade Bones”


If you like your fantasy based on real history you will love this book, go buy it now!

Tarrin P. Lupo, author of “Pirates of Savannah


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