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“Die If You Lie” Novel is coming very soon.

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“And don’t lie, old friend. You saw what happened to that fool who lied to me.”

Rita sees Misha as an adulterer. It is of no consequence to her that his wife, Sayuri, has given him a month’s break from their marriage, to explore his sexual wants and desires.

Tied to a chair in his own living room, he is forced to recount his tale of self-discovery, a journey which takes him from his family home to a cheap and lonely hotel room, and on to Mexico City, finding solace in the arms of a young stripper, Alaska. As Misha tells Rita his story, he comes to realize that his self-awakening may not have been all it was intended to be, and could, in fact, be his downfall.

Because when Misha’s wife joins his captor to hear how he has fallen in love with Alaska, she is the only thing standing between him and Rita’s belief that adulterers ought to be stoned to death…