Doll hand

A New Doll

Lily loved dolls. This new one felt rubbery, not plastic; real baby tears.

She shook it to make it cry again. Didn’t work – batteries must be dead. Mummy left this one on the floor when she answered the telephone. It cried on its own – Lily shook it to make it stop.

It did, finally.


Mark Brown.

  • Austin Briggs

    Goodness gracious, when I realized what the story was about I freaked out. Powerful stuff. *Shudder*

  • Disgusted

    That’s horrible. I can’t believe in this day and age anyone would be so shallow as to write something like that.

  • elyse

    Ooooh NO!!!! Creepy and sad.

  • Mark B

    Shallow? ‘In this day and age’ where companies are making dolls so realistic that their eyes move as you rock the doll; ‘in this day and age’ where dolls are so realistic, they cry when you squeeze them, or shake them, I don’t believe it is shallow to write about the potential effect of such realism on a young mind. Nor do I believe it is shallow to comment on the increasing trend of young mothers who can be distracted by phones, doorbells, e.mails or texts.

    Of course you are entitled to an opinion, but please make the feedback constructive rather than insulting as it creates a negative impression and not what Austin is trying to achieve by supporting new writers.

  • Austin Briggs

    To be honest, I don’t believe the story is shallow at all. I know of elder sisters trying to kill their baby siblings, unfortunately. Uncomfortable? Yes. But not shallow…

  • CHR0MEdome

    @AustinBriggs:disqus – agreed. This is an order of magnitude more powerful than any other short-short I’ve seen on this site. Mark Brown should find more challenging venues for his talent (no offense – your site looks like a great starting place) .

    @5b954b639f2668882f1d411ac9b2ad1e:disqus, thanks for having the courage to write about something (potentially) real.

    • Austin Briggs

      I agree – and no offence taken. This contest serves two purposes: show case your talent, or step out in to the open and start writing for the public. I’m happy it works.

  • Mark Brown

    Thanks for your support @chr0medome:disqus and @facebook-100002256401076:disqus thanks for allowing me take part again. I knew it was an uncomfortable subject, but I tried to look at it through the child’s eyes. I don’t think I’ve been called shallow before so there’s a first!

    • Austin Briggs

      Mark, you’re always welcome here. You write, and you do it well :)

      I’m redesigning the site a little, hopefully will be easier to sort and read all the stories here. I really want to showcase the fantastic writing that this contest receives.

  • Steve Merrick

    Nasty lol really twisted 😉 good one to read but a bit worrying