A Witness to the Horseman

A smothering silence fell upon the air, the trees and the dark.

Swallowing, I gripped tighter on the rains, slowed my breathing and strained to see the source of the struggle.

Squinting, my eyes fell upon an imposing soldierly figure.

There, silhouetted against the harvest moon was his jagged, headless neck.


He got Ichabod…



Ross Coppage.

  • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

    Took me a moment to understand :) Ichabod is such a fitting name here.

  • Ross

    Thanks! I am fascinated by Washington Irvings writing. Thought his story about Ichabod Crane was a fitting subject. If you haven’t read the actual text of the short story “the Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, you should. He puts you in a time machine and takes you there.