A Youthful Adventure

Wind flew through his hair as he sped down the hill. The dirt trail stretched between foliage and trees.

He rode through a trickling stream. Water spat against his face.

A dirt mound lay ahead. He launched through the air, his bike flying three feet off the ground. He landed with precision and kept riding.


Daron Henson.

  • Arlee Bird

    This was written just as though I remembered it even if I never really experienced it. This piece put me there.

  • Peggi Tustan

    55 words was not enough. I wanted more of this story! :) Nicely done, Daron.

  • Raani York

    Perfectly done, Daron!! Only a few words – and they do tell an entire story! You’re great!

  • Kathleen Pooler

    Perfect example, Daron of “less is more.” You’ve captured the essence of a boyhood thrill in just a few words. Nice job!

  • http:/ Micki Peluso

    Nicely done!! Lots of great imagery and motion.