My webmaster and I have been working hard on some under-the-hood changes to this site. Specifically:


  • The notorious thumb up/down rating has been coded out. The FB “Like” button replaced it to encourage sharing of your brilliant stories.


  • “Most Voted” stories changed to “Most Shared” stories. This prevents the voting abuse that we’ve been seeing. It counts sharing across many Social Media channels, not just FB. Hopefully, this change makes this site less of a “war zone” and more of a “collaborative community”!


  • The contest page now displays twice as many stories as before.


  • Moved the comment system into Disqus. For a few days, hundreds of your comments won’t show – this is a known issue with migration to Disqus. Please be patient, they’re all safe and will all come back :) The intent is to encourage exploration of other stories and to have a consistent website look and structure.


  • I’m experimenting with some monetization ideas, because this site costs me a lot :)


Please let me know what you think. Also, do let me know if you’d like to see any other changes here. As you can see, I’m very open to suggestions.





  • Patricia Yeager

    Thanks Austin, for getting back to us so quickly.

    • Austin Briggs

      Sure, Patricia! I hope the comments will come back online soon. I see every single one in the admin panel.

  • R.j. Saxon

    Great change austin :)

    • Austin Briggs

      Thanks R.J. :) Appreciate your support — I know that your story has now disappeared from the top of the old “best of” list …

  • Michael

    Much needed changes. There should be no place here for voting abuse.

    • Austin Briggs

      Thanks Michael! Let’s see how the new system works :)

  • john reti

    Sorry if i posted a similar thing twice . new to this and my computers not working

    • Austin Briggs

      No worries, John!