Autumn Nights

I huddle next to the lake each autumn night, waiting for Cassidy to take her nightly walk in the moonlight. I wait to see her, her sweeping black hair, her deep brown eyes. I speak, but my words have no voice. I experience only sorrow, regret, and bitter memories of her sudden death last October.



Brad W. Beatty.

  • Austin Briggs

    Hi Brad, thanks for this well-written and haunting story.

  • Alan Barker

    If there is such a story-line as a gentle haunting this is it. The words flow just like the Cassidy as she glides through the story.

  • Robert Wills

    Wow- that’s a really great story!

  • Brad W. Beatty

    Thank you for all of the kind comments.

  • Ross Coppage

    A haunted jewel. Nice.

  • Diana Feltner

    Very sad, good story!