Single grave

Autumn’s Spirit

She drifted, like fallen leaves, through walls and doors… propelled as if by magic, drawn to a winter field. Feeling no wind, no cold, but part of the wind. On and on she went, on over fields, trees. Suddenly she was pulled down abruptly, shockingly! She hovered, helpless, over an open, yawning grave… “It’s mine!!”



Kerry Hall.

  • Austin Briggs

    I find the mystery in this story fascinating.

  • David Seguin

    The sudden end works well with the mystical main body.

  • Kerry Hall

    Thank you Dave and Austin! I had a dream, or nightmare(!) like this once..sort of stuck with me!

  • Brad W. Beatty

    Very haunting story…nice work

  • Kerry hall

    Thank you, Brad! Sort of fitting for the Halloween spirit!

  • Grace Black

    Lovely use of 55 words woven with mystery.

  • Alan Barker

    Not a story to read when you are nearing midnight and you live in a converted chapel with a graveyard outside your front door. Very effectively written.

  • Kerry hall

    Thanks Alan! Yes, reading this and living close to a graveyard would be creepy! Glad you enjoyed it!