“This is so hard,” Sam thought, biting on a thumbnail that just would not succumb. Many months of anguish and nothing. This book was not going to plan.

Sam ran it through again: Mayans, drought, fighting, Conquistadors, witchcraft and pyroromancy. What could possibly go wrong with that mix? Now, how to put words down…


Mark Brown.

  • Debi Swim

    Very Nice. Didn’t need that nasty “e” at all to make a good story.

  • RoyStation

    Very good story and great pic to go with it. Do people really write about those things? :)

    • Austin Briggs

      Haha, some of us do :)

  • Austin Briggs

    I love this story. Powerfully done!

  • Kerry Hall

    Great story! Echoes what a lot of us writers go through..but the result is beautiful, like this