Bringing It Down

No bull about it. Johnny Morgan can gulp down a jug of hootch quick as a ranch hand busts a wild stallion.

“Why drink, old pal?”

Morgan’s lips squirmin’ with hotch-potch rum says, “Donna’s run out.”

“Drinkin’ ain’t no way to bring––”

“Bring back Donna?”

Johnny pours a brimful into my glass.

“Drink up, Bill.”


Salvatore Buttaci.


  • Salvatore Buttaci

    Thanks for posting my e-less flash!

    • Austin Briggs

      Thanks Salvatore! A great story, as always, very complete and meaningful.

      Love the emotional impact!

      • Savatore Buttaci

        It’s one of those there-but-for-the-grace-of-God moments that impacts us emotionally. Johnny’s choice to drown in liquor instead of saving himself by swimming to the surface saddens us.

  • Elizabeth John

    Very, very good!! …*applauding*… Excellent work! It’s so funny. The task seemed pretty difficult, then you read something like this, and you make it seem so easy….

    • Salvatore Buttaci

      Thanks, Elizabeth, for your kind comment. Prompts from Austin Briggs are valuable to writers looking to hone their craft. I find them exciting, but leaving out a ubiquitous letter like e is not so easy.

  • Kenneth Weene

    What is it about Sal Buttaci that makes him such a grand writer? Perhaps it’s his great sense of humanity.

    • Austin Briggs

      I agree. Every time I get a story from him I feel like printing it out and posting it on my study wall.

      I’m not kidding …

      • Salvatore Buttaci

        I am going to take all these compliments to heart and float away with pride!

        • Austin Briggs

          So you should! As long as you don’t get too self-important and stop posting here. :)

          • Salvatore Buttaci

            Self-important? I’m just happy to write every chance I get! I consider if my way of thanking God for giving me the gift in the first place. As for posting here, I like your prompts and sharing my 55-word attempts with all my friends.

          • Austin Briggs

            Just teasing, sorry about that :) You do have an amazing gift. I’ll try to come up with something fun for June, so we can all read even more of your stories!

  • Betsy Riley

    Very nice–I like how you avoided pronouns by interrupting speeches.

    • Salvatore Buttaci

      Prose, whether flash or not, is better with less “he said, she said,” which tend to slow down the action. And, of course, not having the luxury of using e’s, I have to be very careful (or should I say “cautious”?).

  • Guest

    Sal, you captured the entire essence of the story without using one ‘e’. Very clever indeed.

  • Monica Brinkman

    Sal, you captured the essence of this tale without using one ‘e’ – quite clever indeed.

  • Monica Brinkman

    Sal, you captured the essence of the tale without useing one ‘e’; quite clever indeed.

  • Judith Davis

    Neat…not only by leaving out all “e’s” but by showing how “misery loves company” too. Short and to the point!

  • Chickie Farella

    Hah! Good one!!!

  • Rich Bottles Jr.

    Sal can jot down flash fiction quick as a troll posts to a book blog.

    • SalvatoreButtaci

      Thanks, Rich. Any new anthologies in the making?

  • Joe

    Sal is the great writer who makes it look easy. Another wonderful flash of his genius.

  • Micki Peluso

    Sal at his best again–this talented man only writes the best!!

  • Lee

    I loved this one!

  • Marta Merajver

    The way in which you can depict a whole universe in 55 words is unmatched. You’re my favorite genius, Sal!

    • Salvatore Buttaci

      Marta, for one who loves the haiku, I suppose it makes sense I’d also like the flash in the fewest words possible. I love the challenge of trying to write a galaxy or at least a world in the space of the proverbial thimble!

  • Oren O.Cousins

    Salud! This flash story is as fast and short and picante as downing in one gulp a drink of Jamaica white rum…………………, Cheers!

  • Denise Stanley

    Your story is not only e-less, you also made the task seem effortless. Great job!

  • Mary Eaton

    Great job with this flash fiction quick…. Very entertaining Sal!

  • Whiskers

    Great job Sal, you are the master of all things short or long. Blessings.

    • Salvatore Buttaci

      Thank you, Whiskers. How kind of you! I’ve read your work and I believe you’re a few rungs above me.

  • Anthony Cervone

    Sal–Incredible how you capture character and atmosphere so fast! You never disappoint.

    • Salvatore Buttaci

      Thanks, Anthony, for your kind praise.

  • Brenda

    Sal, you’re the only person I know that can deliver such an entertaining and humorous narrative in a flash…and without the letter “e”. Well done!