Falling Down

Sherbet leaves swayed with the potpourri breeze and one gently landed on my shoe. I picked it up and tore it.

“That was a silly thing to do, David.”

“Why, Tiffany?”

“It didn’t’ do anything to you.”

“Please, it’s just a crushed leaf now.”

“And, now, so are you.” Tiffany walked off, alone and smiling.



Eugene Chun.

  • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

    This is dramatic – a combination of powerful prose and your art.

  • Michael Seese

    The picture is very cool.

  • Louie Winslow

    Quite a brush off. Just like the leave his heart is torn in two. (LOL)
    Louie Winslow

  • SMA

    ‘And now you are so”, an extremely telling ending indeed.