Galactic Spice Tour

Boot-deep, harvesting Medi-cure spices on the vermilion plains of Orestes, WingStar Ezra Morgan missed home. In the galaxy, Earth was a pebble lost in alien skies. Why had he stepped forward? To pilfer spices? Cure the wife he left behind? Ezra watched the two suns of Orestes shut like bloodshot eyes beneath the spice horizon.


Salvatore Buttaci.

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    Thanks, Austin, for posting my short flash here. It’s amazing how much can be told in only 55 words!

    • Anthony Cervone

      Sal–it pulls you right in! Good job!

  • Sharon

    Great story, Sal!!!

  • Ed Ranieri

    Bravo Mr. Buttaci!

  • Wodke Hawkinson

    Very descriptive. Good job!

  • Oana

    Awesome!Love it!

  • Zelda

    You have a great imagination, Sal. I enjoyed these other-worldly words.

  • Debi Swim

    Nice, but you know it would make a good book.

  • vic fortezza

    Leaves one wanting more. Thanks, Sal.

  • Jean Rodenbough

    Sal: You’ve proven again that it is possible to write a strong story in very few words — an enviable success.

  • Jean Rodenbough

    Sal: For some reason my comment didn’t take. I’ll try again and if it doesn’t work this time, I give up. What I noted was that once more you’ve proven that a strong story can be written in a very few words, and with success. Yaay.

  • jo lissandrello

    In a few words you sent us to outer space. Great!

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    Thanks to all of you who read my 55-worder and liked it enough to leave a comment. For those of you who also love to write, why not submit to this great site?

  • Rich Bottles Jr.

    I love a good spicy tale!

  • Roy Station.

    You definitely made every word count, it said so much.

  • Rhonda

    Feels like something large at stake here. Information plus suspense. I know where I am, and I’m rooted in the story, rooting for Ezra Morgan to make it safely home. Really tight writing!

  • Kristi Lewis

    Great short fiction, Sal. I love how the classical world meets outer space. It really leaves me wanting to know what happens next. I hope you will continue the saga.

  • Kevin Michaels

    Well-written and richly descriptive. Sal is an excellent writer with an eye for detail and an ability to tell a complete story in a tight framework.

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    I have written several flashes and short stories that deal with spice exploration and I don’t know why. Perhaps it goes back to my grammar-school days when the adventures of Marco Polo and his search for spices fascinated me. Why not write about gold or silver or oil? I guess because spice is nice, far from the usual stock in trade. And as far as finding the best of these spices, where else but on alien planets far from home and its bland cinnamon, paprika, and jars of others that flavor but do not heal as does the Medi-cure spice of Orestes.

  • Denise

    Though galactic stories rarely grab my attention, this eloquent description of one’s life work drew me in. You drew me into the scene imagining the motivation and life story of this person.

  • http:/ Lee Moorhead

    Sal, you are one great storyteller…. you were born in the wrong century!! You would have been great competition for Shelly,Keats and maybe even Shakespeare!! Love your stories

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    Lee, if I lived in those days I might’ve had the job of sharpening Shelly’s pencils or running ink errands for Keats or perhaps chasing birds for the feathers in Shakespeare’s quills!

  • Andre’ DiMino

    What an efficient use of words – there is a lot going on in just 55 words. Bravo Sal!

  • Elizabeyh Marchitti

    Great, Sal. I’m taking lessons from you in how to say it all in a few words!


  • Richard Godwin

    Only Salvatore Buttaci can write such tight poetry. Beautiful.

  • chickie farella

    And that’s how ya do the grand irrationality of spacial relationships!! Make ’em tight as a baby’s ass:):)

  • Debbie Lowe

    Great short, Sal.

  • Oren O.Cousins

    So far so good. Interestingly told in Buttaci’s usual succinctly warm and vital style. I liked it.

  • dpquinn

    Pretty tight fit across epochs; Elektra would be proud.

  • Monica Brinkman


    You portrayed such sadness in few words. Excellent piece.

  • Kenneth Weene

    I want more. Sounds like a great tale is going to unfold.

  • Cynthia B Ainsworthe

    Beautifully written and very intriguing!

  • Sharla

    Amazing how in only 55 words an image can be portrayed that whets the appetite leaving hunger for more! You did it, Sal, presenting just the right amount of tantalizing spice :-)

  • Paul R. Hewlett

    Excellent! Wow, how neat to see what unfolds in 55 words. Very interesting. You really captured my attention.

    Paul R. Hewlett

  • Barb Woolley

    Sal, you are masterful with your succinct prose. Images unfold with your purposeful nudges. Thank you!

  • T.R. Heinan

    You are a master at painting a picture with an economy of words. Great work!

  • stuart carruthers

    I like it. It feels like the start of something bigger.

  • Louise Malbon-Reddix

    Ok, I get it now, and it only took me a couple of reads to get it. I knew I was here for Salvatore Buttaci, but when I saw all of that pink color I was a little confused, and the author’s name at the top was diffenet, but when i looked at the author of the book in the picture inside of all of that pink, I saw that I was here for the right person. i concur, trimed and fitted is the best way! Much love and success to you!

    Louise Malbon-Reddix

  • Yves Johnson

    Great work Sal.

  • Yves Johnson

    Great Post Sal!

  • Brenda

    Great story, Sal! Amazing how much can be said in 55 words!
    Pure genius!

  • Diane Piron-Gelman

    Nice job, Sal! Of course, now I want to read the novel you’re going to write, with this as the hook… :)

  • Stephen Godfrey

    Out of this world! nice write Sal, a lot said in very few words. Thanks for sharing, Steve

  • Delinda

    Wow, so much in so few words. You are a writer.

  • Marta Merajver-Kurlat

    Sal, you have to expand these incredible 55 words a full-length story!
    You are a genius at creating an atmosphere, establishing a setting, and creating intolerable suspense.