In the Mist

Out of the dark wood, of Garth, came the dragon, armed with flaming steel and impenetrable armor, the stench of death upon his breath, the promise of pain in his crimson eyes.

And not one hero to meet the demon face to face; not one but I.


Vickey Malone Kennedy.


Image credit: Thomas Paul Barczak.

  • Austin Briggs

    Wonderful story! So much said in so few words.

  • David Walters

    Out of all the shorties I read this one was the best.. 😉

  • vickey malone kennedy

    I’d like to thank everyone that has voted for me so far.

    I’d also like to thank my dear friend Thomas Paul Barczak for the loan of his amazing art. It really makes the story work, doesn’t it?

    Good luck to everyone.