Just Kidding

The words he said.

My desperate desire.

I’d have done anything for him.

I remember back, as I lay here in pain.

Now it strikes me, as I look into his eyes.

He didn’t want me. He mocked me.

“Please, anything.”

“I want a son.”

And now, as his baby is born, he walks away.


Julia Becca.

  • r.j.saxon

    i thought there was a restriction in force limiting to 55 words, all said piece was ok.

    • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

      You’re right, R.J.! The piece was 56 words. I took the liberty of bringing it down to 55, and will contact Julia to confirm if it’s OK or if she’d do anything different.

      Thanks for catching it :)

      • r.j.saxon

        no problem, glad becca could re-enter. :)

  • http://twitter.com/jbecca365 Becca

    Thank you for allowing me to continue in the contest and for fixing my error. This means a lot to me.

    • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

      My pleasure, the change I made was really minor – replacing “I would” with “I’d”. Technically, it counts as one word. Hope you don’t mind.

  • http://www.fifty5words.wordpress.com Luke Reynolds

    Such emotion. A beautiful tale

    • http://www.juliabecca.com Julia Becca

      Thank you. *smiles*