Life to Dust

The bench was cold without Estee by my side. We’d watch the changing seasons and imagine growing old together. But, like the red and gold leaves falling at my feet, nothing is forever. What we imagine, and what is, are like falling leaves. They live, they die and then they crumble into nothing but dust.



Elyse Salpeter.

  • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

    Wow, what a beautiful mood setting.

  • Diana Feltner

    So sad.

  • Debi Swim

    Beautiful and bittersweet

  • C.K. Raggio

    Sad :(

  • Elise Stokes

    Brilliant, although incredibly heartbreaking. Well done, Elyse.

    • Elyse Salpeter

      Thank you so much Elise.

  • Ann Swann

    Love it, Elyse. So much depth in such a small space.

    • Elyse Salpeter

      Thanks Ann!

  • http://revueblanche.blogspot.com/ Larisa Biyuts

    autumn playing colours.

    • Elyse Salpeter

      Thank you Larisa!

  • Sandra-Jane Goddard

    Nicely evoked mood, Elyse. Thought-provoking.

    • Elyse Salpeter

      Thank you so much Sandra!