Love, One Shovelful At A Time

Terrance pushed the spade into the ground. Tired muscles screaming, he flung the dirt over his shoulder. “Almost there, Love”.

Terrance continued digging.

Finally, the shovel hit wood.

Prying the lid loose, an awful stench assaulted him.

Terrance looked up, “Done, Love.”

“Put him with the others”, she replied, dropping in a child-sized body bag.


Robert P. Wills.

  • Robert Wills

    Wow, 3 from 9 votes? That’s kind of harsh…

  • Austin Briggs

    Overall, I’m seeing that many stories are receiving very poiarized feedback this month. I wouldn’t worry about it. it doesn’t make the stories any less enjoyable – and to be honest, I like your story a lot.

  • Robert Wills

    I suppose burying kids can rub some people the wrong way…

  • Austin Briggs

    I’ve struggled with some stories a lot this month – not because of the quality of writing, but because of the potential controversies. In the end, I’ve decided to go ahead and publish even those stories that shocked me.

    My reason? I’ve invited stories that merge love and horror. Some authors produced real, disturbing horror in response.

    So… although some stories would rub many of us the wrong way, they’re powerful pieces of fiction, and I’m no censor. It’s terrifying and fascinating to see what horror comes out of the human mind.

    • Mark Brown

      There are lots of negative votes this month, particularly on my story! It’s a shame that people rarely use comments to provide feedback on why they’ve given a story the thumbs down.

      @google-253d52b9967a542b62c266436e0a411c:disqus keep at it and don’t let them grind you down. I enjoyed the way you built the suspense and unleashed the horror right at the end.

      @AustinBriggs:disqus you have the right attitude. If all stories that invoked horror or discomfort were censored, we’d have very empty bookshelves. Schindler’s List, Lolita, Catcher in the Rye, all dust. Life is about challenge and uncomfortable subjects, and unfortunately on a increasing level. But if we’re not allowed to talk about it, how do any of us learn?

  • Robert Wills

    I have to agree with you Mark Brown- a little constructive criticism would be better than just a thumbs down. Although I’d prefer a thumbs down over “maybe you should take up knitting” comment!