Pietro collected hearts. Love fascinated him. Patrizia, his first, haunted him most.

Rodriguez watched Pietro’s hands tremble.

“When did you decide––”

“You ever find a treasure, Detective, then have it stolen from you?”

“What drove––”

“Patrizia lied. Gave me her heart. Took it back.”

“The others?”

“I took that heart back! All those lying hearts!”



Salvatore Buttaci.

  • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

    This is such a complex story, I can absolutely feel a larger work behind it. Tantalising!

    My head’s full with possibilities; what a great way to awaken imagination :)

  • http://salvatorebuttaci.wordpress.com Salvatore Buttaci

    Thanks, Austin, for posting my 55-worder!

  • Joe

    This story has so many levels even though a flash. There seems to be a whole other world just underneath the surface and this is why it works. A great mini-flash from one of the great writers out there today.

  • Debi Swim

    Starts out like he was just a Casanova then you introduced the detective in to the story. That changed everything. Very Nice! I think I can easily fill in the blanks.

  • Sharon

    LOVE this story!! I can see it all taking place!!!!

  • http://www.kennethweene.com Kenneth Weene

    So incredibly sad and in so few words. Great flash fiction.

  • http://www.confessionsofacrazyfox.blogspot.com/ Anna Mullins

    A very intriguing brain tweak Sal!

  • http://poeticaplace.wordpress.com Christina

    Love it, Sal!
    You’re brilliant at compressing weeks, years, perhaps decades into a single minute!

  • http://cavalcadeofstars.wordpress.com/ jeanette cheezum


    I have always loved your writing. You have so many great pieces out there. I hope Pietros’ fond memories of Patrizia will push him forward.

    Jeanette C.

  • http://members.tripod.com/vic_fortezza/Literature/ vic fortezza

    The master of flash fiction strikes again. Easy to read between the lines.

  • http://www.richbottlesjr.com Rich Bottles Jr.

    Sal, you’ve never written a heartless tale.

  • Elizabeth Marchitti

    Great story, Sal! (As usual!)


  • http://loveworksmiracles.com Barbara Woolley

    Master minimalist. A thousand words in short order. Splendid!

  • Anthony Cervone

    Pietro is passionate and chilling–
    Just wondering–is he cool and cold/or angry and demented?

  • SnowBees

    Wow. This is a great example of how much story you can pour into 55 words. People often talk about how they’d love to hear the full story, but I think the point of flash fiction is to prick the imagination and leave the reader to create the rest in their imagination. After all, you wouldn’t want to cram another twelve verses into “She loves you”, eh?

  • http://salvatorebuttaci.wordpress.com Salvatore Buttaci

    I thank you all for your kind comments about my flash story “Memorabilia.”

  • Brenda

    Don’t think I’ve ever read a horror story written by you, but it is flawless!