My Pet Snake

I jiggled the pump valve in the dimly lit bathroom cabinet and caught a glimpse of the hose that fed the ultra-violet filter. It looked moldy, spotted, and rough. Yet another spring cleaning job.

Until it moved. And rattled.

I scrambled for rubber gloves, a wastebucket, and barbeque tongs.

A camera would have been smarter.


Rob Brunet.

  • Carl Watson

    Well I am not familiar with ultra-violet filter but the description which you have provided, I am eager to catch a glimpse of that.

    • Rob Brunet

      Thanks for the comment, Carl.

      It was hilarious, actually. The snake, a good 30″ long and over an inch at its thickest was coiled on top of the UV filter, which gives off a little heat. I saw it there about three times before chasing in with the prongs. Long enough to learn its design only matched the Massassauga Rattler where we live. (Near as I could tell.)

      Mice used to like to come into the cottage through the pump closet and I guess the snake figured he had it made: heat, food, a comfy perch.

      One time, I found him on the shelf where I had a few mouse traps set. As he slithered down the pipe to the crawlspace and away, he touched a trap, sent it flying.

      He tried to strike a couple times.

      Made me no fonder of snakes.