My Sister Jenny

“The baby we lost” was how Mama explained Jenny all those years. An infant lost in childbirth? She never said, too choked up to speak of her. Then after Mama passed away at 96, we found in her closet, in a small box tied with ribbon, last photos of smiling Jenny at four years old.



Salvatore Buttaci.

  • Austin Briggs

    Wow, this is heartbreaking.

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    Jenny was the older sister I never met. She died in Sicily of typhus in 1937, four years before my birth. Mama did refer to her as “the baby I lost,” but she also told us the story of her brief life and sad passing.

    Salvatore Buttaci

  • Joe

    Wow, powerful and raw.

  • Brian Hartman

    Very powerful, Sal!

  • V35NA

    sad story :( made me cry. there is nothing worst in life then to see the death of your child.

  • Doris DiSavino

    When asked “How many children do you have?” the women of my grandmother’s generation would reply “Four living, three is Heaven.” Granny told me that many small children died of “the summer sickness,” and I have wondered if that might
    have been polio, before it had a name. I’ll remember your Jenny, smiling into the camera and eternity.

  • Zelda

    Those were the bad old days, Sal. So many diseases, so few cures. Thanks for the eloquent and touching reminder of how fortunate we are today.

  • Anne Curtis

    Amazing the feeling that you transmit in so few words – fantastic

  • Ed Ranieri

    very touching story. Zelda’s comments echoed..

  • Jo Lissandrello

    How touching that your mom kept Jenny’s memory alive all those years and that now she lives on in you.

  • Joyce Elferdink

    This could be an intriguing start to various kinds of stories, from family tales to mystery to horror.