New Prizes

I’m very excited. The almanac idea that some of YOU came up with won’t let me sleep. I’m on it: selecting the best stories, looking for illustrators, learning about SEO to promote the eventual masterpiece . . . You name it.

I believe that together, we’ll help each other build our individual writer’s platforms and sustainable book sales.

As I do all this, I’m launching an idea that stems form the recent changes to the voting approach.

Please recall that we added “social sharing” as one of the quality measures last month. I’ve also upgraded to a more versatile commenting system.

Building on that, as of May 2013 there will be 3 prizes:

  • $55: Best 55-Word Story of the Month. This is my personal prize for the one story that blew me away.
  • $33: Most Awesome Commenter. I read every single comment on this site, and each month I’ll award the person who provides the most insightful, supportive and overall awesome comments to the other writers.
  • $33: Most Shared Story of the Month. This is 100% transparent. You can track this in the right-hand sidebar. The selection is based on a complex electronic algorithm that tracks how many social shares you story receives across many social channels.

Hope this change helps make this site into an even more helpful, enjoyable and supportive community. What do you think?

As you can see, I’m listening to your ideas and implementing many of them.

To our writing success :)


  • Anne Sweazy-Kulju

    I am all over this! I’m going to work very hard to ensure my inclusion in this eventual masterpiece. You rock the whole flash-fiction thing, Austin!

  • Jake Lockwood

    That’s awesome! I will definitely continue putting my stories on. This has been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what continues to come out of this contest.

  • Denise Stanley

    I’m so glad I found your site. I love writing flash fiction, and this is such a fun way to share my work.