Not Me

The pints flowed that night in the pub, him and me drinking through his personal hell. His girlfriend was pregnant and he knew it wasn’t him. I backed him up all the way, I’d help him find the guy. I’d make sure he wouldn’t find out it was me.


Dani J Caile.

  • Akos

    How can you be sure it was you? What if it wasn’t?
    Funny short one. Make more:-)))

    • Dani J

      Well, that’s part of the back-story. Thanks for the comment :-)

  • carl

    That was a funny story

  • Dani J

    Thanks, Carl! I appreciate the comment :-)

  • Dani J

    ‘A vulgar glimpse of young urban English life with a profusion of linking pronouns, culminating in a punchline with yet another simple pronoun’…now that’s literature :-) shame I didn’t get the money…I really need the money…check out the next one :-)~ ‘A True Teen Adventure’ – submitted 4 Feb 2013

  • Luke Reynolds

    I love how people take what is a piece of ‘fictional’ writing to fuel their views on society in general.

    • Dani J

      Thanks (I think) :-) What is writing for? IMHO Entertainment with a little bit of truth inside…well, that’s me, ALL my writing is that, 3 books, 1 novella, and another book on the way. Please, feel free to check it all out if you have the time and inclination…

  • Little Oldme

    Brilliant! Love this!

    I have a sequel. Permission to post?

    • Dani J

      Why, of course!
      Thanks for the comment, Little Oldme!

  • Little Oldme

    The silent tears flowed the next morning at the kitchen table. Him and me, smiling through my personal hell. My best friend was pregnant and I knew it was his. He didn’t have to tell me. My broken heart already knew. I’d back him all the way, of course. I’d help him remember that he loved me and, when he did, I’d leave him… and I’d make sure he never knew why.


    • Dani J

      Fantastic! Yet another side to the back story! Absolutely wonderful!
      Perhaps this can be continued, telling the same thing through everyone’s eyes :-) We have the cheat, now the cheat’s girlfriend, all we need now is the boyfriend and pregnant best friend, and perhaps even an outsider friend.

      • Little Oldme

        I like your thinking. Great idea! Intriguing amd compelling. Love it!

  • Dani J

    100 votes! (and only 13 thumbs down) Shame I didn’t go no money for it…but HEY! Exposure is better :-) Thanks, Austin B, for the opportunity.

    • Dani J

      ‘get no money’…sometimes the chaos around me overpowers my spelling abilities…:-)

  • Dani J Caile

    ‘The outsider’…(in 55 words…72 was a bit much, ‘Little Oldme’ :-)~)

    They’d killed his child, without a word to him, not of the pregnancy, not of the abortion. His new girlfriend had left him for something he’d done before they’d met. Why did no one else see it? Ostracised and alone, he realised that fact and truth belonged to the individual, and they were not partners.