October Flash Fiction Contest Winners

It’s time to announce our October winners. You’ll notice that I’m doing this mid-November, which is unusual. Normally I announce winners and the new writing prompt early in the month.

I’ve received a few emails asking if all was alright with me :) thanks folks, I’m indeed doing well. The delay is caused by two reasons:

  1. Been traveling. You may know I write Aztec books. For my research, I’ve been all over the Serpent of Central America and some Caribbean islands important for the Spanish Conquest over the last couple months. The internet isn’t always available there.
  2. I decided to pause the contest, and it’s a hard decision to publish. I may restart it later, when I figure out the way to monetize it better.

With that out of the way… here come our winners!

The October prompt was “What Happens on the Road“, and here are our winners. Congratulations!

# 1: Overall Winner is   with his powerful story Misunderstanding.


# 2: Strongest Emotion is  with his fantastic A Bloom of Hope.


# 3: Best Scare is  with the chilling Prey.


There are many fantastic stories that I couldn’t award this month … too many to be named :) I’ve enjoyed them all, and thank you all for playing!

I’ll contact each winner by email to wire the winnings to their Paypal accounts: $55 for the first prize and $30 each for prizes # 2 and 3.

I’m truly, truly grateful to all authors and readers who stopped by to vote. Many thanks to all. I hope to reopen the contest soon.

  • Mark Brown

    Thanks Austin, glad you are OK and in one piece after your travels

  • T. E. Samad

    I was wondering where you went, Austin. Hope you’re doing good. I’ve really enjoyed October’s entries.