Bleach fumes encompassed the hairs of my nose.

I saw a guy wearing a radioactive suit for clothes.

I received a dirty look as he cleaned.

He seemed to be the source, that dastardly fiend.


My stomach promised it was nothing more than gas.

I never knew anything would actually come out of my ass.


Patt Hatt.

  • Austin Briggs

    Haha, I almost decided not to post it… got disturbed! But what the heck. I don’t write for kids, myself :)

  • Anne O’Leary

    Bloody brilliant Pat. I will forevermore think of you when I pass gas!

  • Matthew

    I love it Pat, what an awesome poem. It doesn’t just deserve to be posted but it deserves a whole lot of thumbs up!

  • meandmythinkingcap

    hahaha, oh Pat.

  • Slam Dunks

    Nicely done Pat–rhythmic and rancid.