Refugees in Genova, Italy 1940

“David, is that you?” a voice called out behind him, “I am on the Italian line Rex.”

“It is canceled. Get on the list for the S.S. Manhattan now,” David said coldly.

He watched Nigel run through the crowds of refugees as he whispered, “Oh God, please help me get home.”


David LeRoy.

  • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

    Your story definitely made me think. Very well written, and it left with with pain after I read it. 

  • Karen

    Lots of questions and feelings packed into very few words. I liked this.

  • Cliff Carle

    I liked how the last line left me wanting more.  So how do I get more?

  • http://twitter.com/StudioLeRoy David LeRoy-Artist

    Thank you everyone for the comments and votes.  Very encouraging.  Flash Fiction is really fun.  

    • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

      Hi David, I was really torn and honestly, your story was on my shortlist of finalists. It’s wonderful, and especially so because it’s a part of a larger narrative. 

      • http://twitter.com/StudioLeRoy David LeRoy-Artist

        Austin.  It is about writing, not winning.  This contest is a lot of fun and it forces me to think of creative ways to get the message across quickly.  

        • http://www.austinbriggs.com Austin Briggs

          Thanks for saying this. This is actually the reason why I started this contest :) I’m not only enjoying it immensely, I’m learning so much about expression, too.