Ricola Works

“We just wanted a look-see. Now Alan’s gone!”

“Calm down,” Mo coughed, “he’s just playing a gag on you.”

“With coffins? Two of ‘em opened by themselves! I ran. I thought Alan was right behind me.” He stopped before the door. “Down there.”

Creeping…they see coffins; one’s opening. “Ricola!” Mo shouted.

POOF! No more coffin.


Anne Sweazy-Kulju


  • Diane Piron-Gelman

    Well done for 55 words. :) This was fun to read.

  • Cynthia B Ainsworthe

    Excellent, Anne. Very well done!

  • Austin Briggs

    Fascinating. This is a really a teaser for the imagination – so many possibilities! I loved the tone and the humor in it.

    I was just wondering if 4 characters (2 on stage, 2 off stage) wasn’t a bit confusing?